Artist Statement

I am a curious person.

My mind is always filled with questions. Often these are questions without answers, or at least answers that can't be found in a book or online. When the questions concern art or photography, even though the answers may not be available from the resources we would normally rely on, I do have a way to find the answers, I grab a camera and any other tools I need and I make an answer.

Why do photos need to be properly exposed and sharply focused?
I purposefully take photos that are poorly exposed and focused.

What rules determine what the subject of a photo is?
I make a photo where the normal ways of determining what the subject is are broken. 

Why are photos always flat and two dimensional?
I create photos that are three dimensional. 

Why does the editing of a photo stop when it is printed?
I find ways to edit my prints.

Questions and attempts to find answers are at the core of my work. The answers are often incomplete and commonly lead to more questions. That is why I keep going.

I don't create, I question.
Sometimes the answers surprise even me.