Artists, at least those of us who like to eat from time to time, have to think about the audience for our art to some extent. This doesn’t mean that you only create pieces that you believe will be easy to sell, but it is a wonderful thing when you can create something that you love that is also loved by others.

Sometimes, however, you just don’t care. You create something only because you want it to exist, if someone else likes it, well great. If no one else likes it, that’s OK as well. These are images that I made because I wanted to see them. I hope other people can enjoy them as well, but that is not how I determine how successful these images are.

Stenotype Machine

35mm film image

St. Jozefkerk

Medium format film image

Vultures Circling

110 film image

Fake Wildlife

35mm film image


35mm film image

Doll in Cellophane Bag

35mm film image


Medium format film image

New Horizon

35mm film image

Object 73

Photographic Sculpture

Analog Pixels 20, The Forum

Photographic Object


Digitally manipulated 35mm film image

My Runny Nose, a Dadaist Love Story Composed of 13 Images and Sound